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STRENGTH AUTOMATED STORAGE AND RETRIEVAL SYSTEMThe overall efficiency of the equipment, the utilization of the machines, and the throughput all contribute to the productivity of industrial facilities. Implementing automated material handling systems is a great method to optimize the majority of the working process in textile industry.
BrandsOct 01, 2022
NEW SOLUTION LAUNCHED: FULLY AUTOMATIC PACKAGING LINE AT STRENGTHAs we all know, technology in every field of society is playing a huge role. STRENGTH has been working hard in the field of automatic production, taking the advantage of computer technology to help the textile industry with its powerful operation and calculation& data processing abilities, further promote the centralized management of automatic assembly lines.
BrandsOct 01, 2022
Happy STRENGTH Group 9th AnniversaryIt is such an exciting moment to announce that STRENGTH Group coming to the ninth anniversary.
BrandsAug 22, 2022
SUNTECH 2022 Product Upgrade Event Dear customers, welcome to SUNTECH 2022 Product Upgrade Event! We’re happy to announce that we’ve launched the Fully Electric Warp Beam Lift Trolley at 26th May 2022.
BrandsMay 30, 2022
AI Fabric Camera Inspection SystemAutomatic Fabric Camera Inspection System has successfully achieved highly-accurate fabric detection with 24-hour unmanned testing
@suntechApr 15, 2022
Upgrade edition from our SUNTECH brandUpgrade edition from our SUNTECH brand for WARP BEAM TROLLEY applied in textile material handling
@strengthJul 22, 2022
Automatic Fabric Roll Packing Line, One Operator OnlyAutomatic Fabric Roll Packing Machine designed to pack fabric rolls in vacuum & automatic way.
@suntechAug 23, 2022
What does "Intelligent Manufacturing" in Industry 4.0 mean?When the Internet becomes the infrastructure, advanced technologies such as Internet of Things, big data, VR, AR, cloud technology, artificial intelligence, etc.
@suntechApr 29, 2022
@suntechJun 14, 2022
Our Global Business Solutions
Our Global Business Solutions
SUNTECH Textile Machinery
Creating More Possibilities for Automated Solutions in Textile Machinery
Since 1970, dedicated to develop, manufacture and distribute automatic and sustainable solutions for modern textile mills globally, especially for AI Automatic Fabric Inspection System and Electric Warp Beam Trolley Series.
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Our Global Business Solutions
Our Global Business Solutions
STRENGTH Automatic Solutions
Clinging to Innovate and Creating What's Next
A leading technology brand driven by the aspiration to address the world´s most profound challenges by leveraging the convergence of digitization and automation, providing complete automatic and robotic solutions for various industries.
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Commitment Efforts for FutureSTRENGTH cares about people, equality, economy and believes in the power of differentiation. We help needy persons and organizations, as well as the minority groups with the brand's voice. Based on the value of inclusion and equality, the STRENGTH way will take us to a more successful future.Explore more
SustainabilitySTRENGTH makes effort to technology iteration and contributes to a sustainable world. We try our best to reduce carbon footprint, waste and extra energy, giving our customers more sustainable, safe and reliable, energy-efficient products and solutions.Explore more